Why Wulf Alarms!


Understanding our Name & Logo

The structure and hierarchy of WULF ALARMS is directly borrowed from a real pack of wolves in the wild.

The Alpha male & female:

As a pack of wolves, we always operate as a family where the leaders, known as the Alpha Male and Female, govern, care, lead, discipline, protect and feed the rest of the pack. Owners Diederick & Anèl Exley take their Alpha rolls as seriously as does the Alpha pair in the wild.

Omega male & female:

Next in the hierarchy is the Omega male and female which, in the wild, would be the oldest immediate offspring of the Alpha partnership. Although the Omega male and female will be trained only by the Alpha pair, they instinctively and genetically inherit most of the packs’ behavioral customs. They will almost always be superior in both attitude and build to the lower ranks in the hierarchy of the pack and their main role in the pack is to teach the young in the many complex rules of behavior, hunting, communication and defending territory. This may often go along with fierce aggressiveness.

At WULF ALARMS, Jurgens Exley spontaneously stepped into the roles of the Omega offspring. They teach all the new employees the operational customs and will imprint our vision on all new Control Room Operators and Reaction Officers.

The Hierarchy

Although there is a set hierarchy in the rest of the pack, it is frequently changed as young pups grow older and bigger and fight their way up the hierarchy ladder. At WULF ALARMS we always encourage all staff to continuously better themselves and work towards higher ranks and positions.  Our Guarding Division is growing daily under our devoted care and committed leadership.

The Hunters

whywulf2As wolves hunt for prey, they break up in smaller groups of less experienced hunters under the supervision of more experienced hunters. As such, all our operational teams work under different supervisors but still together as a team, to combat all kinds of criminal activities in our community. As the only security provider in our area that is able to combine electronic security with old fashioned guarding services, we take the lead in our industry in our territory.

controlroomAlthough our Control room Operators are all female, they are just as much part of the reaction teams and take the full responsibility of the safety of the reaction officers while on call outs to dangerous sites, monitoring all guards, securing the safety and security of all our clients as well as the safety of the general public .

Experienced females in a wolf pack will join the males in hunts but will take responsibility during the hunt of the younger and inexperienced and will act as carers for the hurt and injured. Our Office ladies take part in leading and training new operational staff and takes care of all new trainee’s emotional welfare while also taking care of client’s special needs regarding minor technical and financial enquiries.

Selected wolves are responsible for looking out for prey and will call out to the rest of the pack to join the hunt when a prey is found. These wolves are high up in the hierarchy of the pack and enjoys special attention from the Alpha male and female.

Our marketing and advisory team are under constant training and updating of their knowledge about alarm systems.

Because wolves are not always able to hunt big enough prey for the whole pack, a few selected young males under the leadership of an experienced hunter, will maintain a steady flow of food by catching easy prey and feed the pack bit by bit according to hierarchy.

The Maintenance Pack

whywulf1Our technical team assures the safety of our clients by keeping all client’s alarm systems in good working order and use their knowledge of the newest products to the advantage of our clients.

The owners ensures that high standards are kept by technicians by paying random visits to clients that was recently seen by our technicians and checking in on application, neatness and standing technical procedures.

The General family:

All the older members of the pact will take care of all the puppies, the old and the sick. From our side of view, our clients and the general public are our puppies, the old and the sick. Our whole team will care of our clients with devotion.

Wolves will stay in one den for generations and the den will be defended with their lives. Because of our family based ideology, children of all our staff members are welcome and safe at our premises. We truly are family in every sense of the word!