Wulf Alarms Reaction And Response

reactionreaction@wulfalarms.co.za for our reaction manager or phone 058 303 9508

You will find our security officers to be professional, respectful, and intelligent. They are true experts in the provision of security protection. At Wulf Alarms, every security officer is assessed for competency and attitude. These officers attend frequent training sessions in house to prepare them mentally and physically for their job. They not only attend to our clients alone but to any person / business in need.

As our officers are unarmed, they are trained in the use of pepper spray, tonfa and hand to hand combat. They are also trained to, in emergencies, to scale walls and obstructions to preform their duties.

gasgunsEach Response Vehicle is crewed by two officers in uniform. Each member of the crew has specific functions whilst responding to calls. The ‘driver’ is responsible for getting the crew to the scene in the fastest, safest way possible having regard to the public presence on the roads. The crew member is responsible for the many in-car communications and extracting the maximum amount of information from the control room prior to their arrival. He is also responsible for all the paperwork required to be done on a call-out. He also provides the driver with a suitable route to the scene if needs be.

When the officers first arrive they will make an immediate assessment. If an armed containment is deemed necessary to isolate an armed suspect from the public, they will deploy to control the incident, calling for further support and liaising with the local police.