Guarding Division for our guarding division manager or phone 058 303 9508

The guarding division started end of 2009 after careful planning and evaluation whether it would be viable for the company and that it would not interfere with the electronic side of our company.

The guards are in the capable hands of a supervisor who runs it with tight reins. All our guards are registered with PSIRA according to the law and new appointments are trained according to SASSETA regulations. The guards are selected and replaced until they fit the position as required by the client. All complaints from the client is handled within 24 working hours depending on the urgency of the problem. All personnel are dressed in distinguishable uniform and appears very neat.

guarding1The supervisor visits the guards at irregular intervals to inspect their appearance as well their work performance. If the client is available on such visits the supervisor will also communicate with them to find out whether the client is still satisfied with the guards. Even though the supervisor visits the guards regularly our reaction officer do visit them as well to ensure that they are on duty and at their posts

Normal duties of the guards include patrols, hourly update of incident book and report to the control room. Any additional duties that a client wants from the guard must be written in the incident book to prevent the guard from claiming he did not know about the request.