Less Lethal Gas Weapon

gasgunThe reaction officers of Wulf Alarms are issued with less lethal gas guns when they go on duty. These weapons were developed and are continuously improved by Fortis. These weapons has a barrel velocity of ±400 feet per second where as a normal paint-ball gun is limited to ±200 feet per second.

These weapons use the following type of projectiles;

  1. Pepper-balls – these are solid plastic shell filled with high quality capsicum powder – pepper. These projectiles may be burst on a solid surface at a distance of 30-40m and from ±15m against a persons breastbone or back of an intruder. The aim of bursting these projectiles is to create a powder cloud around the intruder that would incapacitate him/her. This powder has an effect on the eyes, nose, mouth and lungs of the intruder.
  2. Solid-balls – these balls are made from a mixture of nylon and fibreglass. The main purpose of these balls are to injure people enough to make an arrest at a distance without any further aggressiveness. Should the attack continue, serious injury may be caused to stop the assailant. These balls can start causing less lethal injuries from a distance of ±35m and lethal injuries from ±20m.

gasgunsThese weapons may be used very effectively for self defence in/on any premises, especially with the pepper-balls as you do not need to see your intruder to use the pepper-balls. You only need to break 2 or3 pepper-balls in the room to disable or deter any intruder.

These weapons may be purchased at Wulf Alarms and basic training in their use is available. The weapons can also be viewed at our premises.