Wulf Alarms Control Room

controlroomcontrol@wulfalarms.co.za for our controlroom manager or phone 058 303 9508 .

Your security system (alarm panel) is connected to the controlroom, for monitoring by, 1.radio – airwaves 2.telephone – land-line 3.or GSM – cellphone technology.

All signals sent from your system are decoded by software, that is constantly being developed, in our controlroom and displayed on screen. Signals are prioritized, according to importance, with “panic’s” being the highest and then “alarms” and so forth. These prioritized signals are then displayed according to priority and attended to according standard operating procedures unless otherwise instructed by the client! All panic’s are immediately attended to irrespective of lesser signals attended to at that point!!!

In the event of a panic or alarm the operator will dispatch the reaction vehicle while attempting to verify the panic / alarm by calling the premises and asking for a pass code. In the event of an incorrect pass code the dispatcher will notify our Response vehicle (depending on the procedure, standard or requested, given by the resident or business) that it may be a positive incidant. Dispatchers can also send for medical help, fire personnel, service and maintenance personnel and can notify the client’s designated people on a call list (responsible parties) upon a signal.

In the event of an “after hours open” and “fail to close”, the premises it self will be phoned to determine whether it is legally open, again verified with a password. Sms’s to this regard are sent to people identified by the client that should know of such incidents.

In the event of power failures clients receive sms’s to inform them of the problem. When we receive ‘system battery low’ signals an sms is, again, sent to the responsible person and he is phoned as well to establish the problem with the power source.

Our control-room operators are under constant training and supervision from management to ensure the highest quality service to our clients.

Our dedicated staff work around the clock to ensure that you, your family and home or business is always looked after.