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alarms2Although we primarily make use of PARADOX products, our technicians are trained in installation and maintenance of other popular makes and models of alarm panels. Paradox is developed and produced in Canada, and are renowned for their quality. It is also adapted to the South African conditions as there are South African engineers that are constantly in contact with the Canadian engineers to improve the systems to suite our conditions and requirements.

SPECTRUM COMMUNICATIONS(, established in 1989, is the primary supplier of Paradox in South Africa which include all or any of the following products;

  1. Panels for any number of sensors.
  2. Passive infra red (PIR) sensors – indoors and outdoors – pet sensitive, ally way and long-range.
  3. Microwave sensors.
  4. Beams up to 100m – double or strip beams with up tot 10 beams per strip.
  5. All types of keypads.
  6. Alarm set-up according to your needs, full arm, stay arm and sleep arm.
  7. Wired and wireless system as well as a combination of both.

Currently our suppliers are testing a new alarm panel and passive infra red sensor, with a camera in the sensor for images up to 12 meters away, that will be able to send 10 second video images to the control room where we can verify whether it is a positive burglary or a false alarm. Positive signals from this system will always get immediate attention as we can verify a positive intrusion!!

We also do CCTV systems. The system can be totally in-house or we can have the cameras and DVR on one premises and have the monitoring unit on another premises in a 10km range line of sight, no internet connection needed. With the help of an IT company we can arrange for you to view the cameras from where ever you want via internet.

Offsite monitering by our control room can also be done, via internet, with the same standard operating prosedures as with an alarm.

Repair, maintanance and replacement of gate motors. Installation of cordless/wireless intercom systems